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The 2017 Ornament Collection

Here we are, in our last week of wrapping up 2017 holiday orders. I can't believe how close we are to Christmas! We have been working 6 days a week to finish and ship all orders in time for gift giving and we're almost done. 

Around this time, I always start looking back over the year of work. What were some of my favorite projects? What was the customer favorite? This year, the star of the show seemed to be Christmas ornaments! Here is a little review of some we've made, and a promise to start making ornaments in the early fall next year so that we won't run out. 



First up, we have one you haven't seen before. One of my favorite, repeat customers asked me to make onesies with the year 2018 cut out of them to surprise the soon-to-be-grandparents with, as the way to announce they're expecting! How great of an idea is that? Next year I'll be sure to have 2018 and 2019 years available to order!



Next up, we had the home ornaments, for those who bought a home in 2017. Disregard the microfiber lint that my camera picked up in the sun. ;) These were a hit, and will absolutely return in full force next year! I can't believe how many people in my little sphere of influence moved in 2017, but I hope you're all settled in your new homes!



Arguably my favorite was the laurel wreath monogram ornaments. These were SO TIME CONSUMING, but they turned out awesome and were a big hit online and at the local store that we sell at. What I don't tell you is that drawing these up in a way that the machine will understand takes multiple steps for EACH element, and if I have 30 ornaments in one file and I miss one of those steps for even ONE of those elements on ONE ornament, I have to start over. Sometimes the more work they are, the more special they become. Maybe that's why they're my favorite. 



Here we have another favorite, the script names! If you've ever ordered from me, we've probably had the "it can't be too small to cut or my torch will burn it up" discussion. These get a bit tricky and long if there are too many letters in the name, but they are SO sweet! The script name ornaments are perfect for people who can never find their name spelled correctly in the store, mine included. Jaime is ALWAYS spelled Jamie, everywhere I see it, so I feel your pain. Thankfully, I can spell any name! The suede string on these can be moved to the first initial to hang vertically from a stocking as well. 


The "Joy" ornament is so fitting for the season. This one would look great on your tree, as a gift topper, or hanging on a ready-to-gift bottle of wine to take to the hostess of the party. There's no guessing involved with the joy ornament, it's for everyone!


The last one that I'm going to show you is a special preview of something VERY EXCITING coming next week! That's all I'm going to say for now, but we are crazy excited for this awesome opportunity!

Thank you for your support and keeping us busy, busy, busy this holiday season!


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