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Simple DIY Pipe Plant Hanger

Hello, friends! I've had this idea in my head for awhile now, and now that I've finally done it, I want to add them all over the house! We plant ladies have to stick together. Originally I was just going to attach the pipe to the wall in between our two windows, but I have a pile of old wood that I've been saving for an occasion such as this. Turns out I had the perfect, old rugged board for this space. Let me give you the quick run down.

What you need:

2 - 1/2" flanges (these are the pieces that attach to the wall), plus 4 screws per flange

2- 1/2" x 4" black steel pipe (this is the distance from the wall to the outer edge of hanger)

2- 1/2" black steel elbows

1- black steel pipe of desired length (this depends on the window, my pipe width is 4 ft.)

diy pipe plant hanger

Pretty simple list, right? The best part is that these can all be found in the same aisle at Lowe's, just head to the plumbing section and look for the black steel pipe. 

I wiped my pipe off a bit outside because it was rather oily and the whatever wipes off of it will be black, so use caution before you go throwing it on your favorite rug!

From there it is simply a matter of assembling the puzzle pieces. Just twist each piece together tightly. If you'd like to mount wood above your window first, now is the time. If not, make sure you find the studs in your wall so that your pipe hanger is able to hold the weight of your plants. Mount your assembled pipe hanger above the window you choose, and screw into place using a drill with a driver bit. Again, making sure you are screwing it into more than just your drywall. 


diy pipe pland holder

Now you're ready to hang plants, and sun catchers and bring some green into any room. If you think sun catchers are a thing of the past, think again! Just check out some of the amazing stained glass sun catchers made by my friend Chelsea of Brewer and Marr Glassworks! I have one of her cacti sun catchers, but I'm going to use this plant hanger to start collecting more. They look so beautiful with the sun shining through.  

Let me know if you make your own pipe plant hanger, I'd love to see it! 


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