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Signs that Matter Collection

Recently I made a rather risky decision. I tried to talk myself out of it ten different ways, which usually means that I'm on to something good. It is hard to put yourself out there with a bold idea. Will the tiny bit I can accomplish really matter? I might as well not do anything. Should I be donating locally, nationally, globally? I finally decided that none of that should stop me from doing my part. It may be tiny in the grand scheme of things, but it is certainly better than doing nothing. Out of my stubbornness to bring life to this risky decision, I give you the Signs that Matter Collection. 

Some of these categories will be harder to go through than others, but the basic idea is that all of these signs will be exactly the same, except the text. Other than that, the size, font, and finish are all the same. I will keep track of how many signs we sell in each category, and at the end of every quarter I will donate 15% of the sale price to that specific organization.

Are you ready to see the areas laid on my heart? 

This first group will have 15% of the sales of these signs go to missions. I didn't want to narrow myself down to one organization on this one because this need is always changing. It may go to our youth group for a missions trip, or to a family raising money for a missions trip, or to an organization, depending on the need present at the end of each quarter.

Jesus ate with everyone

leave the ninety-nine

to the ends of the earth


This next group in the collection is to help support our (yes, OUR, more on this soon!) new chapter of a national nonprofit organization called Trips for Kids. 15% of the sale of these signs will go directly to Trips for Kids Tulare County. The mission of trips for kids is to provide the opportunity for all children to know the joy and personal empowerment that comes from cycling, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, nurturing a love of the outdoors, and mentorship. The life lessons and mental strength that we have gained as a family, from mountain biking, is something that we are looking forward to sharing with other children in the community, especially those who might otherwise not have the opportunity.

life is better on a bike

shut up legs (I'm all too familiar with this particular thought! haha)

opt outside

more kids on bikes


This next group was the toughest for me, but it is also the dearest to my heart. The percentage from this collection will go to The Tulare and Kings County Suicide Prevention Task Force. In a perfect world, we wouldn't even need such an organization, but our world is far from perfect. There are people hurting and suffering (many times in silence) every day. I really can't put into words how much my heart is for the brokenhearted, the underdog, and the left behind. When putting this group together and researching a nonprofit to donate to, that would be most effective, I had the unfortunate ability to text a dear friend and ask who she would choose. You see, her teenage son was lost in this most devastating matter and his life has forever impacted mine. She said that The Tulare and Kings County Suicide Prevention Task Force was with her almost immediately at the hospital. I truly believe that the work they do is some of the most difficult and most needed work there is. These signs are also a way of reminding those around us that what we say and do really does impact those around us.

nice is the new black

you are not alone

I believe in you

you can sit with us

you are so loved

suicide prevention

Last, but certainly not least we have another one that is very difficult for me to talk about, but it is really the catalyst idea that sparked this entire collection. Our friend recently passed away after a two year battle with cancer. He fought like nobody's business, but he fought even harder to love people for Jesus. His motto early on became "love like it's your job" and when he was first diagnosed, we cut it out of metal for him and surprised him with it on his porch. This past Christmas, he and his wife ordered two more with the same words as gifts for their parents. I believe his words are a good reminder to many, and I'd like to be able to gift his family with the percentage every quarter to do with what they please. It may not be much, but it will be something, and it will be done to honor our friend and help care for his family. 

love like it's your job



Thank you for taking the time to read about the new collection, and what was on my heart. As always, locals that are willing to pick up their sign order in Visalia can always use code LOCALPICKUP and I will contact you when it's ready to pick up and you can save on shipping costs. To view the collection on Etsy or to purchase, just click here

Thank you!


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