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From the Beginning

Since this is the beginning of the website and the blog, I thought I'd show you a behind the scenes peek at where it all began. It didn't start with a dream, so much as a wild idea. My husband and his dad already had a sheet metal fabrication shop, so we decided to add on to give us a space to put a CNC table. Brandon put a lot of hard work into building the shop, to get ready for our long-awaited cutting table to arrive from New York. 


Starting this business was a labor of love... and sweat! There were so many steps along the way, and none of them were easy. It's a scary thing, investing your time and money into something that you really don't know if it will pay off or not. 

A little known fact is that I taught myself to use the cutting table and design programs, from YouTube! Once our table finally arrived, <surprise, surprise> we had NO IDEA how to use it. For weeks I would sit in front of the computer, prop my phone against the monitor, and search YouTube for video after video. You would think that you could just type a word and send it to cut, but that couldn't have been farther from reality. 

As difficult as the beginning was, I am so grateful for the perseverance it taught me. I think that even if you love what you do, work will always be hard. If it was easy it would be called a hobby. The great thing is that we are always learning. Two years ago I would have never imagined we'd be making the things we are now, and hopefully I can say the same thing next year. We're up for the challenge!

From day one, I wrote Proverbs 16:3 on a note card and posted it next to my work computer. "Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established." I have recited it, meditated on it, prayed it countless times in the past two years. It has been next to me every day, and always will be. 

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